New Business Checklist

Thinking about opening a new business in Shorewood? Read More >

BID Vacancies

Review vacancies in the Shorewood Business Improvement district. Read More >

Redevelopment Opportunities

Learn about the top redevelopment opportunities in Shorewood. Read More >

Facade Program & Loans

In cooperation with the Village of Shorewood Community Development Authority (CDA), the Shorewood Business Improvement District has created two programs:

  • A grant program to help property owners upgrade the facade of their business or commercial properties. Read More About our Facade Program >
  • A loan program to to assist businesses and property owners in financing business expansion and startup projects, consistent with the economic development goals of the Village. Read More About our Loan Program >

Green Leaf Award Program

The Green Leaf Award was developed by the Village of Shorewood Conservation Committee to encourage local businesses to take concrete steps toward a more sustainable way of operating their business. Greening your business helps attract new customers, develop a loyal customer base and create a healthier work environment for employees. Any building owner who rents to businesses in Shorewood, and any business who rents space in Shorewood for their business is eligible to participate. Applicants must meet all prerequisites and at least 10 strategies from the Green Leaf Award Checklist (PDF).  For more info, click here


The Community Development Authority was created in 1993 with the objectives to create beneficial effects upon the economy and quality of life in the Village. Read More >