Lotus Healing

Online education, coaching, and consulting business for holistic health

Health care is evolving, and Western medicine is finally beginning to understand what Eastern philosophies have known all along: the health of the mind is key to the health of the body. Both mind and body must be integrated for humans to feel happy and whole.

Lotus Healing is the art and science of flow across four dimensions: mind, body, relationships, and energy. It’s a lifestyle – a way of thinking and behaving that unlocks the human system’s ability to heal itself naturally and holistically. And it’s all built on the latest research in neuroscience and quantum physics.

The founder of Lotus Healing, Dr. Ashley Anne, is an Integrative Lifestyle Doctor who provides the following services:
-online monthly membership filled with practices and suggested products to heal the human system
-12-week online classes designed to target specific circuits (e.g., gut, womb)
-customized one-on-one coaching
-consultation for medical professionals, corporations, and communities