Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp

Boot camps held in various locations


Are you looking for a jump-start to your fitness program? Then this adventure is for you! Whether you are a beginner, an avid fitness enthusiast or just tired of the same routine, come try this whole new approach to exercise…fun! Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp is a three & four week indoor/outdoor fitness program that offers expert fitness instruction, nutritional counseling, confidence-building and motivational training – packed with fun and energizing workouts designed to help build a strong and fit body and mind. Workouts change everyday so you don’t get bored and so your body keeps changing! Whether you want to finally “get healthy,” lose unwanted fat, gain strength, feel fabulous in your clothes, or if you want to boost your metabolism and renew your energy, you will find the effects of this program are far-reaching in many areas of your life. Thousands of people have reclaimed their fitness at Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp. Now it’s your turn!